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Our company has more than hundred all kinds of existing production and processing equipment, and also for the major production plant to provide quality and cheap products and users to provide technical services. It is your first choice of high-quality roadheader manufacturers.

EBH120 Cantilever


EBZ120 Cantilever Partial
Section Roadheader


EBZ200R Cantilever



Establish a quality inspection service department, for customers to use the product, maintenance and troubleshooting to provide timely on-site service.


After-sales service

Quality Warranty Service Department focus on key personnel, for customers to use the product, maintenance and troubleshooting to provide timely and on-site service.


Advanced technology

To ensure the full and rational use of national resources and scientific and technological achievements, and actively adopt the latest national standards.


Solve various problems

Our company is responsible for the research and solution of various problems found in the process of using the products by the technical department and QC department.


Product quality standard

Strict implementation of product quality, national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, production of products to ensure product certification.

Our Strength

KAMY is specialized in coal mining, coal mining, transport complete sets of equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales of large equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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Our company has two large production bases. The factory covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters. The workshop is 70,000 square meters. Square meters, warehouse 1000 square meters. As a municipal technology company in Shanghai, the company has more than 150 employees, including 16 senior engineers, more than 10 engineers, assistant engineers and technicians.

In 2011, as the world's leading German imports of tooth wear parts manufacturers - Germany will Tec (BETEK), and I carried out a very close cooperation, and authorized my company as a special grams of cutting products in Chinese product agents.

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